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Updated: Apr 20, 2020

A little bit about us and what we are excited to bring you.

I wanted to begin this blog with a welcome and introduction about myself and how Optimal Digital came about. What better way to do this than with a photo of my dog Lily and I. In preparation for launching Optimal Digital, I had to get the right photo, one that captured my true self. Those who know me would describe me as confident, outgoing, and always smiling. I will admit, I am easily amused. However, in saying this, it is important to me that I don't waste my time feeling down or defeated by anything! Being bright and bubbly makes my daily tasks so much easier and helps me to achieve my goals. Let me first tell you a bit about my journey so far. Throughout my life, I have always set the bar high and loved to challenge myself. My dream as a young girl was to become a vet. I loved and still love animals and always felt a sense of joy when being around them. With my goal to go to The University of Melbourne, I studied hard and secured a spot in a Bachelor of Agriculture, majoring in a Production of Animal health. Throughout my degree, I worked as a swim teacher, something that I thought was a casual job for a bit of pocket money during my studies. However, this was not the case and turned into a huge career change! After four years, I graduated with my degree, and as I grew older, my goals and visions for my future changed. I was now managing a whole swim school program with a team of over 60 employees! I wanted to expand my knowledge even more and gained some new skills in digital marketing. I obtained a certificate in digital marketing strategy from RMIT and worked with marketing gurus from my company to learn and grow. Growth opportunities, including showcasing new programs, creating content, and managing social platforms, was put in my hands. I loved it, and this led me to today. I developed Optimal Digital so that I could leave clients feeling positive and confident about their future. It is essential to capture company visions and values and embed this within their social platforms. We want customers to trust in our clients brand and what they have to offer!

Let us help you to have a smile on your face each and every day.

Welcome to Optimal Digital, we look forward to developing a partnership with you!

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