Is Your Audience Engaged?

Is the content you are posting engaging and relevant to your audience? Many times we see distributed digital content that is disconnected from the brand and subsequently, the customer. How can you ensure to develop a long-lasting and loyal relationship with your following and execute your brand appropriately? You give the people what they want!

At a glimpse, viewers determine their perception of your brand and purpose before they read any further information. Your social media feeds should showcase your product, services and company values. The ultimate aim is to convert your customer into a purchaser, but this can be not very easy if you aren't targeting the appropriate market. Correctly portraying your business is imperative for the customer to develop an understanding of who you are. The best place to begin is determining whether your content is engaging to your audience. Some ways to test this are outlined below;

A/B Testing This is a method of comparing two versions of user experience to see which one the audience prefers. Half of your visitors are presented with the first layout, and the other half would be shown the second one to see, which generates more interaction.

Multivariate Testing A framework for testing an idea that has several variables. For example, you might want to try out different text positioning and different image sizes to see which option drives more interaction.

Once you have gained an understanding of your customer preference, you want to work on the layout. Aim to have an Instagram feed that flows and is appealing. Applications such as Preview: Planner for Instagram, allow you to add photos to your feed before posting. This will enable you to view content on your page and decide whether it suits your feed design.

There may be a certain colour or look you are focusing on. It may be an image type or specific camera angle you are focusing on. Whatever it may be, it is always best to see how it works with what you currently have prior to making the commitment to posting!

With design also comes relevance. Add imagery of your products and services. If you are a coffee shop you wouldn't post images of lawn mowing and vice versa. Potential customers are looking at what you have to offer and what they can get out of your business.

For some inspiration, here are some of our favourite Instagram feeds!

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